Piggies for Preemies

Our first Kayfield Academy family promotion to benefit something near and dear to our hearts. Shortly we will be offering piggy banks to all our students to take home and fill with spare change to help the smallest of us who cannot help themselves. Kayfield Academy is working with Norton’s Children Hospital to challenge kids and adults through Kentucky and southern Indiana to fill these piggy banks with spare change. All the money Kayfield Academy raises will supports premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Norton Children’s Hospital. Keep an eye out for the piggy bank pickup and save your spare change for a great cause and work with us to make a real difference in our community.

Farm to school

Healthy food = healthy children!

Another new initiative we are implementing this year, the one that makes me most excited, is our farm to school program. We will be working with local organic farms to bring the freshest and best pesticide free food to our kids. While it entails a bit more work on our part, we believe that it makes a huge difference and our kids deserve the best! These amazing teachers are preparing the first batch of green beans for our school. We also have fresh watermelon and cantaloupe with more vegetables coming in as the fall harvest continues.

Non-GMO Watermelons

Oblong watermelons?

More fresh organic food for our kids is on its way. So how do they have so perfectly formed round and oval watermelons in the grocery stores?  Nature is all about uniqueness, like our kids! We hate “cookie cutter” anything, (except cookies, we love cookies)

Soccer Shots!

Soccer Shots Meet N Greet

Tomorrow is our transition to Pre-K kids Soccer Shots Meet N Greet so come out and meet some wonderful people and a great organization!